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Google––Be afraid be very afraid!

Google is like the silent army growing its troops—increasingly stronger and dangerous. Capturing billions of personal data and preferences from individuals all over the world, Google’s market edge grows stronger by the day. It’s hard not to take notice. Even Microsoft’s chief executive, Steve Ballmer, acknowleged the power Google possesses—Google blocked Microsoft’s deal with Yahoo.

Now its eyes are set on Amazon and its aggressive pricing strategy (intent to sell e-books were made in New York at the annual Book Expo convention this past spring).

Think about it—nearly every email sent, Web site accessed, and search made is recorded and categorized. Google has the power to classify a Web site poorly, release data you once thought was personal and short–lived, and reveal information that is so advanced even the government has had to cry out for help.

On a personal note:
Google has become a main part of my everyday life—work and social. Set as my default page, Google Search taught me web design, how to cook sofrito from a master chef, and even allowed me to travel to land’s unknown. It’s the only search engine I use—almost like cheating on a boyfriend––I just couldn’t, maybe he’ll find out!

From Google Maps, Translate, Labs, Reader, News, PowerMeter, Wave, Videos, Trends, Adwords, Analytics, Voice, Search—Google has completely enhanced my life experiences and brought me to a world I would have never known existed. How is it possible? Google’s free and easy to use features, make it hard for me to not be compelled and I am pretty sure other unsuspecting users would agree.

To Learn more about Google’s efforts go to googleblog.blogspot.com


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