Her Voz

Its not all a game…or is it?

Life of a gamer online is very long lived. It amazes me how well gaming has evolved with the internet. Massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs), like Mafia Boss, Clan Wars, Halo 3 and Fallen Earth, receives millions of hits online.

Users have built social communities online, featuring blogs–forums–videos–reviews–chats–and new streams fully devoted to gaming. MMORPG.com and Scrawlfx.com boast a million global users in one month, with average users being between the age 18–34.

The advancements in online gaming are far from my Super Mario BrothersNintendo system. The last time I pick up a controller I was around seven–years old and really not as interested as my older sister. I have always sought passive entertainment—like watching a movie or reading—which require little to no effort.

I admit MMOGs have not been on my list of entertainment in the past, but the Wii fit has been extremely tempting these days. Training modes—like Yoga, strength training, and aerobicsbody mass indexing, and calorie checks are a few needs that kept me at the gym, but that could all change! Well under the $600 gym membership, Wii fit is a small preview of how gaming continues to advance and reach the masses.


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