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Wikipedia: An Insider’s Experience.

Information is vast and growing on Wikipedia. I rely on Wikipedia for broad definitions of various subject matters. I don’t hold it as the end all of factual evidence, but when I need quick information––the definition of a SIM Card, formulation of crystallite gems, or the name of Sting’s former album––Wikipedia is my destination.

Unfortunately, my recent experience has altered my perspective for the worse. I created my own Wikipedia article. As much as I would like to write my experience as a Wiki editor was fun and the system was easy to use––I can’t. I knew immediately what I would write about; A former colleague of mine has a small real estate company based in Washington, DC. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be nice for them to have their own Wikipedia entry.

What I learned, however, was that the system relies on some html coding to format the page layout. Their data entry system, which wasn’t really easy for me to navigate but the tutorial helped a lot. Lastly, I learned Wikipedia is absolutely a forum for information, but also a nesting ground for editors with all kinds of differing views. After a week, I checked my post and found Seraphimblade deleted my entry. The article was tagged as unambiguous advertising. Interesting. Some person’s opinion to delete cost me a days worth of research. Now what happens? The site doesn’t give me much advice on reposting.

It was a bit harder than I thought, but any person can do it if they invest the right amount of time. The hard part was getting the references and side bar to format correctly, like the other pages I had seen on Wikipedia. The guts were not intimidating at all. It was pretty easy to navigate as long as you know what your looking for on the page.

Will I easy cross over to the other side and create another page? Honestly, probably not. I think I will stick to editing other pages. I much rather let someone else format and I will edit.

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