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I Won’t Look at it the Same!

What I learned from class and what I’ve found most surprising.

The most important idea I learned that changed my thinking and my way of observing social networking, is social networking can lurk in the most uncommon places. Try Amazon.com for example, its an online department store filled with social media components. The customer reviews and forums offer a community element to the site, where customers can interact, leave reviews and comments—create dialog, and vote about products. It really makes the shopping experience feel even more like I’m shopping with a friend. Another surprising find is my electric company, has a twitter page. Have a power outage or want to be notified of company-wide changes to electric bills? Follow Pepco on twitter.

Yesterday my cousin left on a cross–country driving trip. Everything, from the app on her iphone that gives her fun facts about each state to her ability to log-in to Facebook and instantly converse with me about her experience cross country, uses a social media component.

This class has truly equipped me for my future. I am really surprised about the intelligence and imagination of the Web 2.0 landscape, and appreciate where its going. The Google class was a bit scary—imagine inadvertently providing satellite maps to terrorists byway the most powerful social media Giant. A tool everyone uses, if in the wrong hands could cause damage. Even though, Google Earth/maps is available to everyone, I am glad Google is on the good side!

Even though the class is soon to end, my social networking experience is just beginning. Here are a few social media sites, that I am hooked to and learned throughout my studies:

1. Mashable.com Good news/blog topics about everything social media.
2. Slideshare.com The largest slide sharing site on the web. Share presentations, portfolios, or webinars.
3. Checkplease Users provide the dish on local restaurants. Videos, blog posts, and a chatroom (this one is for the Chicago area. Hope to visit a few places summer 2010).
4. Allrecipes.com The blog page is filled with ideas and experiences related to my fav.—cooking and eating good food.