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New Year’s Resolution: Response

Alicja’s New Year’s resolution was the third thread of new year’s resolution posts by the class. I was so entertained by everyone’s effort to plan ahead, I read them all and yes Shana, the picture on Ryan’s blog is the funniest!

My favorite New Year’s resolution to date, is kick start saving for the future. (Really helped me with my spending habits.) Another year, my resolution was learn a sport and stick with it—I chose tennis. I remember one year it was detox my body for the month of January to start the year off physically clean. I found a week by week step plan at my church (liquid fruits and veggies and broth one week, solid fruits and vegetables the next week, next week add on fish and chicken, etc.)—yeah that one didn’t really happen.

I wonder what my 2010 New Year’s Resolution would be. This time I will take it to the web. Here’s a list of sites that provide a New Year’s Resolutions:
USA.gov—Popular New Years Resolutions
Now Public (blog)—Popular New Year’s Resolution
123New Year—Inventory of New Year’s Resolution
Search Engine Land—Social Media New Year’s Resolution

I noticed one bullet point come up a lot—take a trip. That sounds like something I can work towards, but I travel a lot so there isn’t much of a sacrifice.

I got it: “Get into philanthropy and community involvement.” I can do this. Maybe I could go to a shelter and serve food, start a fundraiser amongst friends and family then donate the money to a charity of my choice, or volunteer at a local hospital.

This could be the year that has the biggest impression. Obama’s campaign is about an agenda of change.