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Working hard would be my answer: Blog Response

Scrolling through the blogs of some of my classmates is pretty interesting—some unfathomable at times.

I never lived anywhere else but the East Coast, so I wouldn’t know what life is like in other parts of the country. However, I would agree East Coast living is hectic at times.

Since the time I was 16 I have worked and went to school—let me just say it has not been easy. I would really love a break. Midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress I agree–I just can’t justify hiring someone. (Although sometimes it does sound appealing.)

In a past life—about two years ago—I was a personal assistant. The work is grueling. As a PA, job assignments could vary from finding a plumber, calling to dispute a charge on a cell phone bill, cleaning out a huge storage unit, to creating spreadsheets for tax purposes. The amount of laziness some people have is alarming. I remember driving ½ hour to my employer’s house to drop-off a prescription, simply because they were in bed and didn’t feel like doing it themselves. The alarming part was I received my very own credit card, access to W2’s and bank statements. How much of a person’s life should be organized by another person before caution is taken?

Lucky for the Personal Assistant who got the job posted on Georgetown Student Employment, a task list is sent everyday by 9:00 am. I was paged anytime of the day my “employer” saw fit.

The job post alarmed me for a couple of other reasons, in addition to those posted by Midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress:
– Estimating hours for tasks may not work. i.e.½ to pick-up Frosted Flakes and green grapes from the Safeway may not work. What if you go to one store, there was a sale on Frosted Flakes and you have to fly over to the next store, but suddenly your stuck in traffic for 2 hours. How do you equate that one?
– “Other random tasks” assigned and “work additional hours” open to far too much. I should hope the PA has the option of saying no or else they will need a PA.

Contrary to Midwestgirl2eastcoastaddress I don’t think this person ever did chores. I just hope they know someone with a job connection, because starting at the bottom of the career ladder and being a marketing/communication assistant or legal aide may not work.