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Reality TV Goes Crowdsourcing

Television competition series has used crowdsourcing—audience participation—for some time. Remembering Love Connection and Star Search, my generation has watched the evolution of television competition series—Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Each show relying on audience voting—makes one person winner of one million dollars and recipient of major recording deals and fame.

This time around, television networks have taken their crowdsourcing efforts to the internet! Lifetime television network is letting online voters choose Friday night’s 8:00 and 10:00 pm movie. Lifetime provides online clips of five contenders to visitors of the site; all users have to do is watch each clip (or two, or none) and “Pick–a–Flick.” This is very useful for Lifetime, because it gives its online and television viewers exactly what they want, a say in what they want to see on tv.

My favorite television network’s online crowdsourcing example is Rate my Space. HGTV has created a community of hopeful makeover recipients, and loyal viewers of the Rate my Space show. To be apart of the community all you have to do is post pictures and/or videos of a space you desire to be made over, other online users rate the space, and each television episode HGTV devotes the show to professionally making over one of the lowest rated rooms. The site has received millions of picture uploads, therefore making passive viewers, loyal community activists. Its has devoted a blog, widget, facebook and twitter page to the show. One can even go online and rate the professional makeover. I for one enjoy reading all 345 comments about my space. Some increase dialogue with me and other viewers, some envision what I had in mind for my space, and some are just plain FUNNY! Will I ever make it on the show, who knows, but I like the other millions of hopefuls will keep watching the makeovers and rate other’s spaces.